Meet The Doctor

Dr. Herrera has been practicing periodontics with a gentle touch and a commitment to excellence here on the Peninsula for many years. . She was born and raised in Reno, Nevada where her brother practices dentistry and where her father retired after practicing dentistry for 43 years. Being raised in a “dental family” fueled her passion for dentistry and serving her patients and treating them like family like her father did.  After graduating from the University of Southern California Dental Hygiene School,  she practiced and taught Dental hygiene at USC and in Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Herrera graduated with honors from University of the Pacific also known as Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. She also received clinical awards in both pediatric dentistry and periodontics. She went on to advanced studies in periodontology at the University of California, San Francisco.

In 1999 the San Mateo County Dental Society awarded Dr. Herrera with the Distinguished Service Award for her admirable contribution to the dental community. She has been an elected member of the San Mateo Dental Society Board of Directors and the Stanislaus Dental Society. Dr. Herrera served on the membership committee and on the Recruitment and Retention Task Force. She served on the committee to develop a new dental hygiene program in San Mateo County and has been editor for the California Society of Periodontists as well as serves on multiple committees of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry. She is also a member of the Mid Peninsula Dental Society, San Mateo Dental Society, ADA, CDA, AAP, CSP, AARD and Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Dr. Herrera has built her practice centered on patient’s health and providing excellent periodontal treatment.   Her vision is to empower patients to elevate their oral and overall health by education and state of the art periodontal care. This approach includes listening, sharing information and preparing patients for treatment. She is especially passionate about providing care and keeping patients comfortable during and after treatment.  Her practice emphasis is oral care education, periodontal plastic surgery, regenerative procedures, microsurgery, and maintenance all delivered with kindness and compassion. Emerging science linking periodontal disease to cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, adverse pregnancy outcomes, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimers Disease and osteoporosis is of particular interest to Dr. Herrera. She also collaborates with exceptional general dentists and specialists in order to deliver optimal treatment results. Dr. Herrera is passionate about continuing education for herself and her team. Dr. Herrera is kind, compassionate,  and easy to talk to.   She has dedicated her career to continually growing in her knowledge and clinical skills.  Values that are important to her are honesty, integrity, compassion, excellence and growing spiritually. 

Dr. Herrera is proud of her team and the kindness and compassion they show their patients. They are Julie:  Treatment coordinator; Kelly:  Administrative Coordinator; Oriana and Trisha: Registered Dental Assistants;  Lolly and Cassondra:  Registered Dental Hygienists.  

It is the friendly, caring and  attentive environment created by Dr.Herrera and her team that each patient appreciates and that sets the office apart. For years doctors have referred their patients to our practice because they know they will be well cared for.  They know Dr. Herrera will be honest and direct with their patients and will explain their diagnosis, treatment recommendations and options thoroughly.  They also trust that she and her staff will assist their patients from their first appointment through treatment with love, compassion and respect. 

Dr. Herrera has four children: Lauren, Kenny, Zachary and Carly. She also has five grandchildren: Braden, Mila, Jimmy, Lucas, and Vasi.  She is a devoted mother and grandmother and is passionate about her family and time with them. 


Dates Degrees Institution

1988 – 1990 Certificate in Periodontology University of California San Francisco

1985  – 1988 D.D.S. University of the Pacific Dental School

1979 – 1981 BS in Dental Hygiene University of Southern California


1997 – 1998 University of Pacific Dental School – part time faculty

1982 – 1983 Jordi Cambra, D.D.S. – worked with Dr. Cambra to establish dental hygiene courses for dental assistants. These were the first courses of their kind in the country – Barcelona, Spain.

1981 – 1982 University of Southern California Dental School – part time faculty, Department of Periodontics


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Winkler, J.R., Herrera, C., Westinghouse, J. et al. Periodontal Disease in HIV-Infected and Seronegative Homosexual and Bisexual Men.- AIDS 1992; 6(9):1041-43.


2012 – present American Academy of Restorative Dentistry Active Member

1990 – present American Dental Association Member

1990 – present California Dental Association Member

1990 – present California Society of Peridontists Member

1990 – present American Academy of Periodontology Member

1990 – present UCSF Alumni Association Member

1988 – present UOP Dental Association Member

2000 – present Mid Peninsula Dental Society Member

2000 – present San Mateo County Dental Society Associate Member

1995 – 2000 San Mateo County Dental Society Member

1993 – 1994 Stanislaus Dental Society Member


2018-2020 American Academy of Restorative Dentistry: Video Committee

2014-2020 American Academy of Restorative Dentistry: Reception Committee

2019; American Academy of Restorative Dentistry: Essay Committee

2014-2016 American Academy of Restorative Dentistry: Arrangements Committee

2015-2017 California Society of Periodontists Editor

2015-2017 California Society of Periodontists:  Member Communications Committee

2016-2017 California Society of Periodontists: Member Annual Meeting Committee 

2014-2015 California Society of Periodontists:  Director 

2012 Member CSP Periodontal Education Committee

2010-present Peer Reviewer in the area of Periodontics; Peer Review Committee; California Dental Association

2005 – 2009 Representative; Dental Hygiene Program Task Force; Mid Peninsula Dental Society

2004 – 2005 Member; Publications Committee; San Mateo County Dental Society

1997 – 1998 Member; New Member Committee; San Mateo County Dental Society

1992 – 1993 Board Member at Large; Stanislaus Dental Society


1998 Distinguished Service Award in recognition of outstanding service to the San Mateo County Dental Society

1988 Thomas B. Hartzell Award for Clinical Excellence in Periodontics

1988 Charles Lee Award for Management and Dentistry for Children

1988 Co-Editors Award of University of Southern California School of Dentistry Yearbook

1987 – 1988 Tau Kappa Omega Dental Honor Society


2018  Soft Tissue Grafting and my journey in sleep disordered breathing; Mid Peninsula Dental Society, Palo Alto, California  

2017  Perio Potpourri:  East Bay Dental Hygiene Society, Hayward, California

2015 Diagnosis and Treatment of Recession and Mucogingival Defects: Dr. Held and Lau and Team, San Carlos, California

2013 Diagnosis and Treatment of Recession and Mucogingival Defects: Dr. Jeffrey Starr and Staff Menlo Park, California

2012 East Bay Component, Northern California Dental Hygiene Society, Alameda, CA; Regenerative Therapies of Hard and Soft Tissue.

2010 Continuing Education Meeting; Atherton, CA; Connective Tissue Grafting.

2010 Continuing Education Meeting; Palo Alto, CA; Periodontal Diagnosis and Periodontal Maintenance.

2010 Continuing Education Meeting; Atherton, CA; Probing and Calibration, Vitamins and Nutrition, and the Systemic Link.

2010 Continuing Education Meeting; Atherton, CA; Extraction vs. Retention, Diagnosis of Cervical Lesions, Probing, Calibration, and Scaling and Root Planing Challenges.

2010 Continuing Education Meeting; Atherton, CA; Surgical and Prosthetic Options in the Esthetic Zone.

2009 The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry; Annual Meeting; Chicago, IL. Cervical Lesions and Gingival Recession: The Role of Periodontal, Restorative, and Combination Therapy; Table Clinic.

2009 California Dental Hygienist’s Association, East Bay Component; Alameda, CA; Raising the Standard of Care for Periodontal Treatment in the General Practice.

2007 Continuing Dental Education Course; Seminar; Foster City, California. The Restorative and Periodontal Partnership for Function and Esthetics. Casey M. Herrera, D.D.S., Nazila Doroodian, D.M.D., Sanford S. Daniel, D.D.S., Charles R. Carter, D.D.S.