Name: Valerie H

“Thanks a thousand time for your supurb treatment! I just posted this on Yelp and would be happy to post it to any other review site that is ofvalue to your practice. Dr. Herrera is a masterful periodontal surgeon. I am absolutely delighted with the results ofthe gum grafting performed by Dr. Herrera. I was hoping for a good result and instead, I look in the mirror and see EXCEPTIONAL results! I am pleased with my aesthetically improved smile and also know that the risk of future tooth loss is diminished. Dr. Herrera is a masterful surgeon. First, she performed a thorough exam and meticulously recorded observations of gum recession on each tooth. On the same visit, she prepared a surgical plan and discussed her recommendations and approach with me. etHerteam provided me with clear instruction on what to do (and what to expect) both before and ommen s: after the procedure. She provided me with her cell phone number to use post-op if I needed it. Her team ofprofessionals is just that, a team that works likea?:the best analogy that I can think of is the Super Bowl winning San Francisco 4gers! Her office is full of smiling faces while assisting patients with care, compassion and competence. The surgical assistant, Oriana, patiently answered my questions at my pre-op visit and then provided outstanding care; she remembers to inform the patient about what is about to happen (instead of blasting sensitive gums with a cold air-gun or rinsing with a shot of cold water). Rounding out the team are Julie, the patient care coordinator, who provided a detailed estimate of the costs associated with the procedure and Kelly, who somehow manages to be exceptionally cheerful while coordinating a busy front office.”

Name: Rick R.

“Calm, confident, and compassionate, Dr. Herrera and her team make something no one wants to do into something you’re really glad you did. They’ve created a positive, team-oriented environment where patients come first. Thanks to Dr.. H. and her team for taking good care of me!”

Name: H A.

“I was referred to Dr. Herrera by my dentist.  Apparently, my gum recession needed periodontal intervention, and you can only imagine how scared I was.  Dr. Herrera and her staff were professional and caring from the very beginning, and took excellent care of me.  They frequently checked in on my anxiety (high) and pain (low).  The procedure itself of the gum grafting was surprisingly unpainful, and they did a great job preparing me for what to expect and how to take care of my gums.

I can’t give them five stars because, well, it was gum surgery.  But they made a terrible diagnosis into a relatively easy and painless procedure.  If you want professional and caring gum treatment, definitely find your way to Dr. Herrera’s offices.”

Name: Lydia P.

“Dr. Herrera did an exellent job with the gum graft. To me, the long term results are the highest priority. One year later, my gum looks like nothing ever happened there, nice and healthy. I think they over-did the anxiety management. However I was thoroughly informed, can’t blame them. It’s just hard to guess what will work better when it was never done on me before. In general, I liked very much that I felt well-informed about the procedure. She described to me what is going to happen on every step of the procedure and recovery. (Yes, I did want to know.) I’m giving it 5 star even though it was my only experience with gum graft. I don’t think it can be made into a better experience. The procedure was relatively painless, the recovery process was annoying, with all that liquid diet, stitch removal and special cleaning, but what can you do. The end result is what really matters, and the end result is really good.”